Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Bathroom

Hello, In todays "Good Cop, Bad Cop" post we have two bathrooms.  

Both contestants choosing a checkered bathroom floor tile and a lovely accent of blue.

I'm looking forward to seeing our two looks, so come with me and see who is our 'good' and who is our 'bad'.

It's no surprise this is the 'good'

Zoe Murphy's Bathroom found over at The Design Files - you gotta see the rest of this house!

The over sized marble tiles in a diagonal format make this spacious bathroom feel even roomier.  It's mono-chromatic scheme is spear-headed by an insanely bright blue, enhanced further by it's high gloss finish.  This bathroom is sophisticated, elegant with punches of whimsey and light.

And to our 'bad'.  

Found here and lucky for all concerned it is a 'before shot'

It's shit and made my eyes fall off.

Well that's all for today, but please come back next week when we explore more into the heady world of "Good Cop, Bad Cop" design...

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  1. Noice. Yes noice!! Yes indeed - liking that 'before' shot. Great - thanks for that glory to stun my socks off just before the weekend!!! Rx