Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New prod on the block: Crashmat

Beeeionks.  The Crashmat has landed!

NZ now stocks an alternative to the stock-standard beanbag.

Patterns, plains, floral and stripes!  There is certainly something to suit everybody (particulary me).  I pick the Ice cream stripe.

My fav the Ice cream!  $139 AUD (not filled)

And you can get a weeeee mini for your phone or ipad... Awww.

Mini-me!  $49 AUD (filled)

  Urban Chill imports The Crashmat products and are available all over NZ - stockists here and online here


  1. These are so cool. I love the Ice cream too, but also the black & white stripe. xxx

  2. love the mini-me - need one of these for using the ipad in bed!

    1. You may be in luck Amanda - look out on this blog on Friday...