Thursday, May 17, 2012

Newsy news: Tripping

What! Have I not told you about my trip? 

 Well, I will now then... The Fultons are on tour - it's a 3 month France-fancy with our wee family travelling with my husband's twin and his family. 
Special times as we get to spend 100 days together driving, drinking, looking, laughing, eating, entertaining ourselves around the traps of a frenchie-town or three. Mai, oui! 

 I, of course will be reporting back with design goodies that we see on-route - and also regular goodies that you have come to know and love from the AFD blog. 
 This will of course be in between over-indulging and immersing myself in French stuff! 

 We leave at the beginning of July and then back to New Zealand in October. So excited. 

 Also hoping to catch-up and meet some of my web buddies while over that side o' the world. Will keep you posted on that too.

 Any tips/ideas/recommendations greatly appreciated as I have not lived over to the UK and Europe for 10 years. My to-do list is expanding...

You can always find me, tweeting, facing and pinning so I'm never too far away!

Images:  All from the same apartment (Nimes, France) featured in Marie Claire Masion found over at the Style Files.


  1. wow can't wait to read about your trip! I have big dreams to do something like that one day when our youngest is a bit older so really looking forward to following your trip and getting ideas. Have fun with all the planning :)

  2. Oh la la, you lucky thing. I will live vicariously through you while you're away. Have fun, and I look forward to your tweets and facebook entries. xxx

  3. wow envious much??! would love to do something like that

  4. Wow! Come and say hello if you fancy coming to the UK! I am only 45 minutes away from Heathrow :-))))))