Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm back!

I'm so back.  Full of ideas and good memories and ready to get cracking with designing-up-a-storm.

We have moved to Marlborough (wine country in the top of the south Island).  New house, new ideas, and new opps.

Hold on I say.

In cracking fashion I have returned to a photo-shoot at mine tomorrow for a christmas edition of a NZ based shelter mag.  Loving it, but having to improvise 'big-time' as lost my insane red 6ft xmas tree in transit.  I used what I had and I will keep you posted with my second option...

Here's a sneak-p.

There's lots on so keep checking on me... Ciao (and thanks for keeping reading me).  
Talk soon.


  1. mmm, they look like giant liquorice allsorts! now that's my kinda christmas present! welcome back x

  2. Buon giorno Alex! Welcome home. Nothing like getting straight back into it, hey? Christmas decorations?? NO!!! Surely not for at least 6 months. Ciao to you, Rachel x