Saturday, November 3, 2012

Question Time: Rugs

Confession time.  I'm a naughty Interior Design.  Naughty and slack.  

Long story short - I asked for questions from my super-rad readers and they came back with some beauties.  Great story so far.  That was back in May.  Not so good now.

Here is no.1

"Where do you go for the coolest greatest contemporary floor rugs?"  Charlotte
"Same thing! I am looking for a bright rug for a family living area, would love some stripes like we had for 'the mat' at school in the 70's! Any suggestions on where to find....?"  Fiona

Great questions girls and I hear your rug pain.  There is nothing worst than flicking through your favourite overseas mag and spotting some floor gem, then scanning the details and finding it's some horrendous price and on the other side of the world.  
Or worse still it's cheap as chippies (and still in another hemisphere).  Such is the luck of being here in wee New Zealand.  
Sources such as Pinterest and design blogs can be as equally mean.  We know they just want to help but it's just a design carrot we can't reach.

Paul Smith Rug for The Rug Company 

I have good news and bad.  
Bad news first.  Rugs, like carpet and furniture, are only as good as what they are made of and how they are constructed.  Sorry, but you get what you pay for.
Good news is that I have found you some options

Low end:
Briscoes, Ezibuy,Warehouse and Spotlight - all cheap and cheerful but a positive plus about big players are that they usually rip off designs from the high end stores.  Therefore you get  an "inspired by" look at 1/4 the price.  Remember that you pay for what you get so don't expect these puppies to be family heirlooms but great for a couple of years.

Briscoes 'Habitat' Printed Cow Rug $29.99 (NZD)

Ezibuy 'Gabbi' Floor Rug $99.00 (NZD)

Spotlight 'Carved' Rugs $199.00

The Warehouse'Tabriz" Zebra Rug $149.99

The Warehouse Maison D'Or Pinacle Circle Rug in Pink

Mid end:
First port-o-call is IKEA.  Yes, we can get them here.  No there is no big blue shed in South Auckland but online there are a few suppliers (via Trademe) they will bring in what you want and also have a small supply of stock rugs (and other IKEA favourites)
Nood - another mid-ranger with a good selection of contemporary and mod rugs.
Decor Rugs - A NZ website I found that has a varied range with a few hidden gems amongst them.

Decor Rugs "Mysterio"

IKEA "Lusy Blom"

IKEA PS 2012

IKEA "Stockholm Figur"

High end:
CRONZ - I love these guys and use them frequently to custom-make for my clients (and for me!).  Remember my stripy stair-case?  They can customise patterns, colours, shape, size, pile, cut, and everything else you want in a rug.  They also tell me they are expanding and bringing a new range.  Exciting stuff.
Designer Rugs - Now we are talking.  These are some of my favy-favs.  They have a super range of in-house designs and also a range where they have collaborated with tip-top designers such as Greg Natale, Akira Isogawa, Catherine Martin and Dinosaur Designs.
Dilana - Christchurch (NZ) based rug company have been producing high quality rugs for many a year.  They also collaborate with NZ artist and showcase some absolute ripper designs.  There are limited editions from Martin Popperwell, Richard Killeen, Andrew McLeod, John Lyall and Phillip Trusttum.  Great grand.
Designers Guild - Again they have a varied range from children's to contemporary designs.  Floral , stripe patterns and plains - these numbers don't shy away from colour and impact.

Designers Guild "Owl"

Dilana Rug - Fold Up Doll by Philip Trustum

Dilana Rug - Homage to Meccano by John Lyall

Dilana Rug - Study for Grid Floor Work by Martin Popplewell

DIY options:
If you are a weeny crafty there is also many tuts out there to DIY.  Rag rugs, braided rugs and burlap rugs just to name a few.  Have a lookee at the this link from Apartment Therapy.
I have also seen DIY's for customising plain rugs to patterned - see here.

From Family Fun Blog

From A Beautiful Mess Blog

From Apartment Therapy Blog

Rug tips:
* Use your rug to take colour clues for your room.  It's the easiest way to tie in colours.  It's still OK to clash patterns but doing it with a similar colour palette makes more sense and easier on the eye.
* Rug don't just have to stay on the floor - they make excellent wall hangings!  Good for sound reduction and absorption too.
* Invest in a good quality rug if you want it to last. 
* Take a rug home on approval and test it in the space.  What looks good in the shop or online may completely change when you get it home and in the space.
* Rug is art for your floor so take the time to look around and fall in love with a rug.
* Use you favourite Interior Designer (me) to help you choose a rug.  They also should be able to pass on a discounted price being in the trade.
* Don't forget to look in unexpected places - like flax rugs from Samoan trader shops, plastic woven mats from thrifty shops and Trademe for second hand rugs.  You will be amazed what you can find when you look!


  1. Great tips Alex. I did a blog feature recently on a friend's home in Oz who had a gorgeous rug in her living room. I was blown away when she told me it was from Spotlight. I will definitely go and have a look at my local. I've also got my eye on a beautiful Kilim rug - drool! x

  2. Thanks Alex great tips!! Can I just add Freedom to your shopping list!! I just brought 2 super cool rugs from them on Saturday!! They have a great range in at the moment. I live in the Naki I dont have the big choice of shops like the major cities of NZ.....don't get me wrong we have some amazing shops here!! Also there is always that budget to consider + I felt Freedom was well priced. Funny rugs for some strange reason remind me of my grandparents!