Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Discovering: Out of the Dark UK

It's lovely to start a Wednesday with a feel good story and this is most absolutely one.

Most of you know that I have a passion for up-cycling old design into new and exciting pieces so when I spotted this charity based organisation in the UK - Out of the Dark, it made me real happy.

They roll this way:
"Out of the Dark is a charitable social enterprise that recycles, restores and revamps salvaged furniture as a means to train, educate and employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Good sorts.

I must admit I'm a weeney bit jelous of the fact that they can find such designer 'trash' - we in little ol' NZ are hard pushed to find such amazing designer finds.  It never stops me form looking though!  

Look out for a post in the future about up-cycling a piece of your own.  I have had such amazing feedback from my home being in Your home and Garden (NZ) that it calls for a big ol' share.  Don't be shy about sending me your photos too of pieces you have saved from the dust pile - let's be loud and proud!


  1. What a great organisation. I know what you're saying about designer 'trash'. I'm always madly jealous when I read that someone's leather Eames chair was found on the side of the road, or they picked up their vintage Bertoia chair for nix in a thrift shop! That wouldn't happen here.

    I can understand the feedback from YH&G, your home is amazing. And I'm so pleased people are embracing your bold use of colour, which you know I love! x

  2. I love these chairs. Would you please mind letting me the names of the colours? Thanks