Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meeting: Mark Catley from Mark Catley Design

Oh it was lovely to visit my old city of Christchurch.  

I had lined up quite a few meet and greets but unfortunatly, because of the snow, I missed out on a few so I thought I would do a imaginary summary of what might have been anyway.

Today I talk of Mark from Mark Catley Design.

I was introduced to Mark Catley through Alice Anderson (she's funny) of the cute blog Our Tiny Landscapes.  I had meet Alice at the Bloggers Conference earlier this year and she mentioned that Mark would be a designer that I would like.  She was not wrong.

He's colour, he's geometric, he's design and I like his stuff.
Mark has a refreshing design style that is unique (which is hard in an overexposed visual market) and raw.  He is one talented mo.  Oh and he can do black and white too.

A recent graduate from The Design and Arts College (Christchurch) in Graphic Design he decided that working for the man was not really a viable option and I would agree as he seems to be doing just fine out there solo.

I have a special thang for his cushions and prints.

He was recently a featured seller on Felt and they did a great exposé on him.  Of course you can also buy his products over there too.  Double bonus.

HAPA in the Cashel Mall also stocks some of his wares.

Please go find and support him as he will help to brighten your life and that right there is the truth.

*All the images were stolen from Mark Catley Design Website