Friday, July 1, 2011

Colour saves the day!

Someone out there is really trying to test me.  In between earthquakes and no internet my head is exploding.  I know that I should me more grateful as I have my heath, house etc but it still all leads to a shitty day.


2 things have happened.

1)  Today I wanted to counteract the doom so the fluoro pink tights came out.  A random person came up to me, said thank you, and told me I made her day.  She made my day just by saying I made her day.  Days made all over the shop.

2)  I found a nice little stress reliever that involved colour.  I tried it and loved it.

From Plenty of Colour:  Feeling stressed - doodle a colour palette!

Colour may seem a frivolous thing but it changes things.  I tell you.  

Onwards and upwards.

Yours, Captain Colour Nerd


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