Friday, July 22, 2011

Come on in: Alex Fulton's Home (that's me yo)

I'm no good at keeping secrets but I can finally reveal that the photo-shoot at my house was for Homestyle Magazine out NOW!

Just 'cause you are specsh to me, I will give you added extra info that you will NOT find in print.  Go out and buy too because this issue is jam-packed with colour (mostly).

Yes that's my living room - how funny.  It's sound-proofed to hold an annual dance party and also where I cut my toe nails.  See...extra info.  So worth it.

All images photographed by the uber talented Lisa "Lumo" Gane

Wanna see what it looks like with-out the puuuurrrity words?

Dark navy carpet I love - but for the love of christ please avoid a white dog.  Lucky, I'm a virgo with a slight obsession with vacuuming.

All very exciting and a little daunting seeing all your wares splayed in print - but kinda cool too.

Lucinda (the editor) came and interviewed me with Alice (art director), and Lisa Gane from LUMO (photographer).  It was a fun couple of days - the hardest part keeping was keeping with continuity and wearing the same outfit twice in two days (who does that!).

Anyway - here I am in all my glory.  House in all.

The stairs basically are the first idea I had for the renno.  It all went up hill from there. 

The blue paint idea was partly because of the damage that recent earthquakes did to our home.  Paint covers ALOT.  The other part was basically I had a thang for that blue.

Enjoy a good nosey around.

Some extra shots from Miss LUMO

Extra's also in the mag included:

* getting to name my favourite 3 blogs (wanted to name so many more - sorry!) 

With so many talented design mother brothers (I now call family) it was very hard to choose just three, but I did and thank you all for your creative boosts you offer everyday.

* working with my good friend, and designer-in-arms, Charlie (Charles) Hudson on a couple of crafts ideas.

Alice "cheeky chops" Lines took this photo of Charlie and I putting up the tartan bunting - I say 'cheeky' as I didn't  include the overwhelmingly flattering (or I should say 'fattening') shot of my rear.  Stick to the art direction Big A.

Our "how too" guide on bunting (Charlie is the bunting-queen) and embellishing a tea-towel to make art (again mostly Charlie - I was chief stylist and good-bitch).

* featuring the work of my favourite "deliciously obsessive" Obsessilious and his prints (good timing Griffo!).  I didn't have time to get them framed but once the editor saw them she said she just HAD to feature them.

Best "get the look" ever!  
Fabric from Bolt of Cloth and UNIQUE fabrics

Pillowcase and ceramics from Flock Design Shop (Thanks Emma for loaning me some stuff and having no idea where it was going and when it was going to be returned, not that I returned anything, just brought it all as I was already "in love" with it all)

Magis Dog from ECC Lighting, Melamine plates from Douglas and Hope

Paint from Dulux (again thanks to Grace for not asking and just accepting that colours I choose are not usually from the recent release or trend file)

Eddie the dog from Dogwatch - Charlie dressed him in a blue ribbon which he thought suxed but didn't say a word.  Get that dog an agent I say.

And last but by NO means least, my newly acquired (I WON THEM BITCHES!) prints from Yumalum (a.k.a Obsessilious, Griff68, Bitchinetc).  Love ya man.

Go out and buy if you are in Na Ziland (NZ).

I say, good on Lucinda and her team for punching higher and adding some colour into their magazine.  My home may not be everyones cup of tea but I'm the one living here and I love it.


  1. Awesome!!!! Well done. Am in love with it all. Who did the beautiful painting in your living room that is on the front cover?

  2. Ahhh that was a drunkin purchase from KuDeTa in Bali. I saw it on the way to the toilet and I was smitten. Brought it before desert was served! Never regretted it!

  3. It all looks AMAZING. Be prepared for a peppering of questions...

  4. Was a pleasure Alex.... Looking forward to the next creative installment from you and Charlie.


    p.s sorry about the booty shots.

  5. I am so now following this blog! Awesome! I'm a colour junkie and your home is so visually stimulating its amazing. I saw it today in a friend's mag for the first time and had to come look it up. I love seeing Kiwi design that is world class or better. :)

  6. Well you had better step right in Alice!! You are very welcome and thank you for your lovely comments... I blush!

  7. Apols - Amy I mean... I was looking to far up the comment roll!

  8. Just found your blog through another site that had a pic of your home. Love your style and flavor!

  9. Hey Tyler - why thank you. I see we have Tahir Mahmood in common. Your blog is hot!

  10. Alex, your home looks fan-bloody-tastic!! So full of personality and style. Awesome. Funnily enough, a garden I designed is also in same mag - shows how small NZ is!! A bit of the garden is shown at the Thurston's home in Masterton - can't remember which page. The photos never do the actual thing justice, so I can only begin to imagine what your home really FEELS like. Congrats.

  11. All good Alex. I'm on the hunt for good Kiwi interior design and home decor blogs to link to from my blog - I've found a lot of product design but not so much interior (actually, so far, not any! any tips??). So it was a nice surprise to find this!

  12. Terrific, that’s definitely what I was looking for! You just saved me alot of work

  13. crikey, that looks so fantastic, can't even begin to say what I like best.The stairs are a brilliant idea, and I love the blue wall with the bunting !
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Hi Alex, found you via Megan at Mousehouse and your gorgeous shoot in Homestyle. Bravo to you for such an amazing home, I poured over the article for hours, and I covet your study - big time. Also bravo to Homestyle for featuring two very cool chickies in the same issue. Will be following you now!

  15. Thanks Amiee - I tots agree regarding Homestyle Mag. Lucinda the Editor is a fellow colour nut and I think she did an outstanding job with this edition. I loved being in such great company as the lovely and very talented Megan Mousehouse. I follow you back...!

  16. you are a brave woman with your use of colour - it looks fabulous! me, i'm more your "white on white" girl but am trying SOOOOOO hard to get away from it. suggestions to a scaredy colour cat? sarah

  17. Your home is to die for! Immediately subscribing to your blog!!!

  18. Why thank you! Welcome aboard the colour train Michelle!