Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spotted: CHANA fabric from Jim Thompson no.9

Recently I was shown this fabric (Opus Range) from the new Jim Thompson family - No.9.

Ever so fun and versitile I just keep thinking of uses for it.

Images from Peak of Chic Blog

Called CHANA after the indian chickpea it has a wee "ikat" edge which sets it apart from your standard polka dot.

Super colour range - it even has a white on white.  Ooohhhh.

Available through me of course. 


  1. Darl that is gorg.....I think will have to purchase.....Now to decide which colour(s).....Ange xx

  2. Hey Ange - nice to hear from you! Glad you like x

  3. can I get a swatch of the black on white? also, how much per yard? is is available immediately?