Saturday, July 14, 2012

visiting london: a little bit more

Even though I'm in France now - and mostly the reason I'm a little behind with the blogs - I've a couple of snaps from London still to show n' tell.

Teaching Isla the world of Kate Spade
Packaging at Kate Spade
Kate Spade goes Florence with packaging tissue
A wee pressie for my iPad. Lucky iPad.

Last day in London and the sun finally shines. Spied a very funkily painted exterior close to St Pancras station. Know noting about the artist but it was a Barclays bank?
Giraffe cafe graffiti, Byron burgers most excellent signage, Olympic fever hitting

Exciting stuff to come France-side and again sorry for being sporadic as wifi not as readily available as hoped!



  1. Have I mentioned I'm jealous?! Isla is wearing the exact same expression I would if I was in Kate Spade, London :) x

  2. Crikey I am so behind the times.. I had no idea there's a Kate Spade in london..hahaha thanks for pointing it out- must check it out once I make my weary way there ( only 1 hour or so away from me ! )..