Sunday, July 29, 2012

design finds: french webs

I feel like I'm keeping so much from you all. Every day I see new and exciting goodness and it's just so busy all this traveling that I'm not having much time to blog (and tend to be limited by lack of wifi).

38 degree climb for this view. Stunning village Saint Jean Saint Maurice. Tres belle.
But now I'm wified up for the next week I will attempt to get through my list. We have arrived in the mountains of France in a place called Samoens. Quintessential ski village complete with Swiss chalets, soaring peaks and luckily cooler weather that stinkin' hot Roannaise. I'm not complaining promise.

Right so - today I have three websites to show n' tell. As follows:



Very cool one pieces and jewels. Found because we are staying with a very groove French chick with a great sense of style. Only bug bear was they don't do the onesies in adult sizes.

One piece for kiddies
Adult jewels

Antoine & Lili

Women, kids and decoration are the main categories but hands down the show stoppers are the colourful metal suitcases. Stack em' or hang on the wall as cabinets. Tres fancy-pants.


Petite Pan

Hard to choose as there are so many goodies. These are my standouts.

Selection of colourful cushies
Rice hippo. Yes please
Rice paper lanterns
Rad bias binding
My kind of storage

Enjoy those wee morsels my design baguettes.



  1. Love the cloud necklace. Love love love.

    1. Same same same. Might have to track that puppy down when next in Paris.

  2. such fun !! Keep them coming Alex and hope you enjoy your trip.