Saturday, July 14, 2012

visiting london: mauro perucchetti at halcyon gallery (harrods)

Busy! Singapore now London then off to France. Thought the best way to show you gezzers the sights would be to highlight some of the highlights (such a way with words - holidays got to my brain already).

The mighty Harrods

I took the girls (daughters x2) to Harrods. Jeff was off seeing bands and doing his music thang and I was in-charge of said daughters. The plan was the Natural History Museum then Princess Di's memorial in Hyde Park.

Let's just say we got side tracked.

New plan: The museum of shopping aka Harrods. It's called working with what we got. What we had was a shizen rainy day in London. Best stay in indoors I believe. So we did.

It was special. I got to teach the girls about shoes, fashion, handbags and design. After that I caved and we did the toy floor which was not so bad. We also spent some time watching posh poodles get preened at the Doggie Spa.

Missoni home, Isla with dog suit, Vi with a fraggle, Jean Boggio fro Franz
Prada shoeage.

Anyways, I digress. What I saw of some significance was a designer called Mauro Perucchetti at the Halcyon Gallery in Harrods.

Selection of Perucchetti's works
Perucchetti take on Michelangelo's creation of Adam in Superhero form

His work has been decribed as mixing pop asthetics with social comment. Whatevs, I was attracted to the colours and the bling. His artworks are enticing, extravagant and colourful. It was a Swarovski-a-thon. Just perfect for a viewing and an oogling.

I'm typing this now in Paris... more on that another time.



  1. O,Alex, what a great visual feast, thanks for the report.I never go ( to Harrods) although I live about an hour an a half away.. my excuse I guess is mm traffic, dogs, work - but delighted you've done the hard work for me.Love your girls !! Have a great time you all in Paris.

  2. Ah H.A.Rods as it used to be known in the 80s. Love that you did the pet store and toys. Tell the girls that's where my parents used to take me at Christmas to visit "Father Christmas" and choose my present! Spoilt brat that I was. Mum used to let me use her Harrods card when I got older and sent me there to pick up something for her on the day I passed my driver's test! All seems rather nuts now and a life I must have surely made up..?
    Love all the colour in your pix. Keep em coming xxx

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  4. Glad to hear you liked Mauro' work. He is a Artist and you can see his work in many international galleries all over the world. His last public installation was last Oct in Paris in front of Le Louvre at Place du Louvre with 4 monumental sculptures for during FIAC. Mauro is a true Pop artist for the 21st century.

    1. Agreed! He's AMAZING! Thanks for your comment...

    2. Mauro is having a solo show in the US this coming summer at Madison Gallery in La Jolla,California and his work is also at Imago Gallery in California. Mauro is the coolest Artist out there today:) Mind blowing!!!