Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ALL good in the knitting hood

Warning:  Heart may beat faster because of colour combos, patterns and cool designs.

Once I'd calmed down I then wanted to order all the products from ALL Knitwear.  

Top of my list is:

and these (mind you they might be more suited to someone who does not have Roger Ramjet type thighs)

Annie Larson is the groovy-cat behind these amazing creations.  She knocks these out on her Brother KH-910 Electroknit knitting machine.  

She's based in Minneapolis, USA but good news is that Rebecca from Douglas+Bec is going to be stocking her scarfs and hats. Rebecca...I will be first to get something - pinkie promise.

PS: Rebecca also runs a great blog/workroom etc.  Clever girl.

 Just in time for winter (see... there are good things to look forward too).

Look closer... good enough to eat.

You know what else I love about products like this?  Look at her use of colour and how she uses it.  All inspirational and can be used in our environments.

Knitwear for thought....

(images all from ALL Knitwear website)

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