Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Visiting: Auckland

On my weekend away I saw some cool stuff and wanted to share...

Askew on Ponsonby Road had an extensive and drool-worthy range of home products from the Champion of Chic - Mr Jonathon Adler.  Sure...I purchased.  I my not have a habital house but I now own a laptop case (far left with green zip), a zig-zag pen and a book called "Happy Chic Colour".  Essential shit for homeless designer.

Very tempted to purchase vase below but fragile items not computing at present

Similar thoughts arose when I briefly ooogled this fish bowl.  Need to sort my own house first before buying designer homes for fishy friends.

These puppies can be stacked to create a fishy apartment block (not advisable for my Christchurch peps).  It's cleverly called a Fish Hotel and was designed by Teddy Luong.  Of course all purchased from Askew.

Still liked it - heaps.

Other Shopping establishments of note were also in "P" Road...

The gallery next to Sass & Bide (Orange one-piece - check!)
Liked "Nose-brush-cat-dog".  That was my name for him.

Of course MACY Home.  More essiential house stuff for non-exstistant house

The Fairy Shop (gifts for my girls).  It's seriously  like someone pooped out candy-floss.

and Mr Vintage (Great North Road) for "man-pressie"

Then after all that shopping one has to re-group and there is really only one place to do that...The Mighty Prego.  With their outstanding service, glitzy clientele and fuck-off squid, it's my "must-do" in Auck.

Speaking of lunching...  SPQR for showing off the fact that you "don't have to be anywhere in a hurry".  Over sized Dane Rumble-esk sunnies a must.

Yum plats (celebrating pink-ink with my BFF Midge).

The last part of my mini-break was spent being jealous of my friends "toy" collection.  His recent visit to Japan made me wanna make that my next destination.  We soooooooo need some new ornaments (more earthquake humour)

Thanks Matt for the Lego iPhone cover, hamburger danglie and sushi key rings.  It's the little things that brighten ones day.

Finally thanks Roxy Music for providing ultimate escapism (oh and the guy who took us around the whole vineyard in a golf-cart - there are SOME advantages to being on crutches).

Smell you again sometime AKL.  Enjoyed ya.


  1. Good Lord - that looks like a helluva lotta fun.

  2. wow. bri ferry and jonathan adler in one week. you saucy lady! :D

  3. Soooooo fun girls. Pilgrim - will need some tips on Melbourne when I visit in April (DesignEX).