Monday, March 14, 2011

Dining rooms: Good enough to eat (in)

On my mind are dining rooms.  Today I was asked to write about the importance of colour in a dining room and it got me thinking.

You can go obvious colour.  The take home point here is that you can match bright with a muted colour.  I love that orange with lime.  You wouldn't think it would work but it so does.

Not so obvious colour works too. Bright hints pop against grey and wood.  Traditional that does not yawn.

I'm not known to use beige but here it works.  The trick here is the clever use of vertical stripe wallpaper.  The wooden detail = interesting.  That red light is one of my all time lust-items - A Jielde Lamp (Flotsam and Jetsam sell these french beauties)

NB:  Mixed matched chairs give me the willies.

Shaker-modern looking cool.  Mustard and bright yellow I love as it's unexpected and interesting.

Not loving the teapot light but great injection of colour.  Good use of gloss vs. matte.

This I love.  So simple.  So good.  So yum.

If you want people to eat your food - would you serve off-white, monochromatic fare?  Food for thoughts my friends.

(images from Living etc, Station Road Carpets, Classic Interior Design Blog)

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