Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Royal Fever

Thanks to Wills for the recent trip to our wee city we have reached royal fever here in NZ.

It got me thinking about Royal memorabilia.  

Outside the box thinker Donna Wilson has made gloves with must have engagement ring 

You can now fondle Wills' Union Jack - ooohh eeerrrrr

Tasteful cup twins from Pedlers

Tea bags from Pedlers

Mat from Pedlers - might be a tad hard to wave around but great for cleaning muddy boots

From our very own Lester Hall - Queenie


  1. Do you realise how frustrating it is having God Save the Queen red stickered right now?!? Hope you were busy waving your Union Jack at Wills in Sumner last weekend...

  2. Oh Rebecca! I have been checking up on you - that darn red sticker eh. I dusted off my wee flags and waved them like my life depended on them! I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful shop. If there's anything I can do... like put a stocking over my head and do a night raid - you just let me know. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!