Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something is not quite right here

I'm all for individualism and rule-avoidance as much as the next man but....

Photo found at Casapinka Blog and photo taken by David Giles

...there are some got-it-rights and some got-it-wrongs.

*  Rainbow freeze
*  Pink coff tab
*  Myriad of designer chairs
*  Dado rails and wood panelling
*  Parquet floor
*  Shape of the couch
*  Fancy fire place all in white

*  Rainbow freeze (just make it a little smaller - and take it 'round the corners for the love of god)
*  The Couch.  WTF is it covered in?  I would recommend a bright coloured heavy duty wool or a faded out dark denim.

That's all

 Actually, no it's not. Uncover that lamp as it's a fire hazard.  Mind you - if you could guarantee that it would burn off that hein fabric then I'm fine with mini fires.

That's now all.


  1. one of my pet hates is cushions placed on an angle like that! but love the table and the rainbow stripe too.

  2. Think that couch has been put in there as a joke, surely?

  3. Megan! So right! Or even worse... cushions karate-chopped!

    Yes Kara yes - it's a joke for sure (really hope)

  4. wow..... WTF. the rainbow and the moldings have potential. the rest is naaaasty

  5. LOL at karate-chopped cushions. What is that about??

  6. I am so with Megan on the cushion - blegh- and so with you on the couch fabric- double blegh hahaha.What the *&^% were they thinking? Tudor England? Where's my lute- o forget it ! hahaha