Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Peeps and Prods Friday (or GPPF to you)

I'm thinking that friday may just be the right day to summerize some bad-ass prods that web buddies have pointed out too me.  

They have obviously taken time-out of their busy-creative days to contact me, so the least I can do is let them know they are coolio's.

Coolio's are as follows:

Justin Leadbetter from Leadbetter Carr Architects (Christchurch)

My man Justin struggles with "over-designed and too slick tapware"  We hear you over here at AFD and agree totes.  He pointed out this range.

Astra Walker Tapware - simple and un-slick!

Of course I love.
I raised him this range.

Fruity taps by Fima Carlo Frattini

Anyone got any other suggestions?  

It made me think...
Why has Caroma not brought back the "classic" range from the 1970's and 80's.  

I have very fond memories about our all-red bathroom with EVERYTHING matching; handrails, looroll holder, towel rails, shitter, mirrors, towel hooks and yes EVEN THE DOOR KNOB.  
Colour committment at it's best.  
These are the ONLY images I could find to show you what I mean.  (Sorry for all the shouting but it's a passionate memory).

Found here at Ian Wong's Webbie

Matching knobs! 

Pilgrim Lee from Draw!Pilgrim

Funkster Lee forwarded me this image:

Via Pinterest from Sadie and Stella - Kate Spades shop

Great wall sista.  Walls musta been a 'thing' as this week as I was also sent this by...

Maddie from Lil'Magoolie

Ticks the colour and pattern boxes.  Via Instagram

Thanks to you all and keep them coming!