Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Just in-case you are stuck...

Jonathan Adler "Virgo" key ring.  This list just reinforces by Virgoeness really!

LemLem top - in fact anything from them would be fine.

Capsule chair by Ziglam & Brook (from Deadgood)

Coral Bangle from Dinosaur Designs

Retro Neon Art from Neon Boneyard (as I don't have enough colour in my house!)

Tom Bins necklace - I did say WISH list muther funckers

Cactus Chair by Valentina Gonzales Wohlers (found at Amzing Central) - why? well why not I say!

Lets hope that the spikes are optional!

Neon Pink Tags (see I can be cheap too)  from Knot and Bow

Vase by Pierre Charpin ( accessorised with Quake Wax o' course!)

Art by Tim Garwood

Garland from Castle and Things (great things alright)

Mexiccan inspired Swedish designed by Glimpt (found from Dezeen)

Crafty deer heads from Cuckoonest (she's my fav and best - told her to up her prices as she's way too cheap for her skill-to-price-ratio).  Available at Felt NZ

All wrapped in this please!  From draw!pilgrim

Just saying...  A card is fine (not really)


  1. That vase is awesome! And I LOVE Pilgrim! Happy b-day :)

  2. Thanks Jill - yes I can imagine you and Pilgrim have ALOT to discuss! I meet her on my last trip to Melbourne and she is heaven on a retro stick!

  3. Happy Birthday Alex !!! - if I could, I would buy you...the cactus chair as I think it's so fun!!