Monday, September 26, 2011

Reader request: Karate-chop cushions

You asked and I will provide.

Q:  What prey-tell is a karate-chop cushion?

A:  Possibly one of the silliest way to present a cushion.


child-based chopping

bright white chopping

double chopping (chop chop)

(all these images from here)

Extreme chopping - rabbit ears styles
(image from here)
This phenomena is in too many places to be ok.  

Just like it's counter-part, the 'camel-toe', you just can't help but staring at the 'pillow-toe' and you desperately want to look away but can't.  

They are the fortune cookie of the pillow world.  I predict that they suck.


  1. My mum is the queen of this particular look. Very snazzy

  2. i feel like the karate chop is yet another charming american thing. big hair, jesus, karate chopped cushions.

  3. ditto @pilgrim
    they love a good chop in the us of a

  4. Ba Ha Ha. Pillow toe is rife in these parts!