Tuesday, June 12, 2012

good prods: new SPARKK designs

Sparkk fabrics and wallcoverings are getting all ornithology-on-it in their new pattern range.

Original artworks from John Gould's 'Birds of Australia' have been given the Sparkk treatment using colour and scale with terrrrif results.

Styling fail...a tan leather jacket.  Really?! 

Personal fav is the flamingos.  Love a good flamingo and this image does not do that bird justice.  It's all pink day-glo in your face yo in reals life.

Remember that with Sparkk products they can change any colour combos to suit YOUR desires.  Special.  And addictive.

Also (if that's not enough) they have teamed these feathered friends with some snappy patterns...

...or use on their own (ok I will).

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