Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sources: handmade2012 part one

Righto.  This is a biggie folks.  And it's only part one.

I promised all the lovely people that came to my masterclass at Handmade2012, some links from my presentation.  Share the love and all that!

Thanks again to all those that attended.  What a super weekend and fingers crossed I'm asked back for next year as it was a hoot.

Jesse Arrington 'lucky so and so' blog

Blik wallcoverings

Felt website

Etsy website

Jen Stark Artist

Christine Reitze Knitting Container Art

Wohnidee blog

Zoe Murphy's House via Design Files

Rice Homewares

Pinterest website

Alex Fulton's Dine by Design award wining room!

Source unknown

Various blogs I read!


  1. Hi Alex, thanks for the mention. I wish I could see the photos in this post, but the're all coming up as funny little symbols - not sure if that's just me (?) Will be clicking on all the links though. x

    1. Thanks Vic - rats! I was trying to be sneaky and trying to add images a new way. Mission FAIL! Will re-do!!

  2. Wow! great links and some unknown to me- will certainly have a look ! Thanks Alex !!!XX Bea