Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what doing?

"Oh you are alive!"  I hear you all cry.  Yeah, sorry about that peeps.  

Basically my world has flipped upside down (Fresh prince again).  

In a nut shell...
1. we moved towns (torrential rain in both places)
2. we all got the flu (real bad)
3. left a truck load of really best mates back in christchurch (I miss you all already)
4. packed bags for 3 months in Europe (real diff when it's freezing here)
5. sold a house (our rental not our old house)
6. brought a new house in Blenheim (it's good)
7. planned a european holiday with our family and Jeff's brothers family (promise.. it is a bit stressy!)

If I was a psych doctor that-there-list would ring some serious warning alarms and believe me I was on high alert BUT we got through and I can now sniff the warm climes of France from here.  
We leave in 6 sleeps and golly-gee-whizz I'm getting excited.

We have un-packed our new house and it's set-up ready for our house-sitters.  We have only been here 10 days but already my design mind is going into overdrive with all the possiblities of this place.  

It's a 1903 villa on a good sized piece of dirt.  It's restored within an inch of it's beautiful life and literally is a blank canvas.  IT HAS NO EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE and that alone is a pretty major plus.  In short, it's lovely.  It's safe.  It's warm.  It's going to get the AFD treatment when we are back in October.  Wee!

House keeping:
As you already know, I will be Europe-side for the next couple of months.  This does mean that I WILL be enjoying life and blogging less.  Good for me but not so great for my readers. 
BUT - you can find me on Instagram (AlexFultonDes), happily snapping up a storm.
Facebook and Twitter (AlexFultonDes).  

Please come along for the ride.  It's going to be nuts.


  1. so as you say you have unpacked, i am assuming those packing boxes are part of some new trend then?? :) Can't wait to see the new pad in Oct/Nov!

  2. Those photos were mid un-pack smarty-bum. It's called 'adding to the mystery'. I'm going all 'fifty shades' on your ass making you wait.

  3. My head is spinning for you. I'm jealous of a European summer however and the fresh start outside the earthquake zone. You'll do amazing things with the new place to be sure. That teal chesterfield(?) wingback chair is nom nom!

    1. Thanks Nin. Fun times ahead for sure. We'll keep in touch x