Thursday, June 28, 2012

it's not about faces, just places, spaces: patrizia moroso's home designed by patricia urquiola

Now this is a dream team.  
Patrizia Moroso (of Moroso Furniture) and Patricia Urquiola (Furniture goddess).

a bunch o' Pats
Moroso got Urquiola in to design her home.  
Showing off - maybe - but the who cares when you have these results.

Rad home with touches of brilliance and design wizardry.
colour - check
design - check
badassfunkychair - check

'Pat'ch made in heaven.  


  1. I love the unexpected touches, like the garden gnome. I dream of having a wall display of garden gnomes painted each of the different colours of a colour chart! :) Hazel

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