Monday, August 19, 2013

Colourama: Marimekko Spring/Summer 2014

Hello Spring/Summer.  I can feel you peeping around the corner and boy are we ready.  

I often blur the lines between fashion and interiors and quite oft get my inspiration from the pattern and colour marvens - Marimekko.

Please take a front seat, don your dark glasses and ignore your goodie-bag.  It's time to get some inspiration from our finnish friends.

Clap clap clap.

All images from Marimekko and spotted over at super scandi blog Hunajaista.


  1. Oh yes there is some very nice stuff in there

  2. HI Alex - oh yeah - Marimekko is very cool. Didn't realise they did clothes as well. Have to say some of them did look a bit like curtains.... But others were gorgeous. Loved some of them - the silks near the end of show were gorgeous. And the pink and red squares. Bit disappointed no models pushed each other off the runway. Now THAT'S the kind of show I'd like to see! I love it that Marimekko go their own direction, and not dictated to by fashion. Very cool. Rx