Monday, August 12, 2013

It's not about faces, just places, spaces: Weekend home of Bradford Shellhammer

It's been a weeny while since the last 'It's not about faces...' segment and it's come back into town like a band of colourful gypsies firing off confetti guns.

This home is a goodie.  It's all that is good in the world and it's just for the weekends.

Probably the best stop-in-your-tracks image I have seen in a while.  Get that red trim looking all cute as you like next to that nasty matte black.  Pop on top bright plates and a turkey head and BAM.  Magic.  There's no kitchen unit - just an upcycled of a retro piece.  Well played Mr Shellhammer.  Spot blinkin' on.

Ahhhh - more black matte maddness which could not be a better backdrop for the primary colour showcase.  And showcase it does.  I love you.
Carpet tiles replace a conventional rug in a mixture of black/white/nad multi. 
High fives for keeping the wood too.

The owner, Bradford Shellhammer is the creator and his home really represents what his company is all about - fun, whimsey and colour.  I love what he has to say about decorating your home...

“At Fab, we’re on a mission to rid the world of boring beiges—not get rid of beige altogether, per se, but to give people permission to explore and bring life and fun into the world they live in.”

Heck yeeeeahhh.

Not usually a fan of b.board but in this context it's good.  Relaxed and cheeky - just like the rest of the house.

Thanks to Jonathan Lo from Happy Mundane for posting this home and Lee Tran Lam of Inside/Out for featuring this gorge-beast-of-a-home.
All images by Trevor Tondro


  1. HI Alex - great to see you back into the swing of blogging again - felt like we lost you for a while there. Love your way with words as much as the images! Just wondering how the heck you are getting on with all these earthquakes? Not enough just to leave Chch - now they are following you?! Hope all is good in the land of the Fultons? Rachel x

    1. Hey Rach - thanks! What a sweetie you are and thank you very much, as it means a lot to hear that! It's good to be back and into it. It's hard fitting it all in but I'm trying. We are all good and hanging in there with the new shakes!