Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good Prod: Catherine David Designs - Josefine Bordello Wall Sconce

Oh I've found a good prod all right.  

It's a wall light.  

Not just any wall light.

It's colourful and has a contrasting fringe.

You hang, you plug and you go.

I'm in love.

Which one would you choose?  
I couldn't choose so I brought all three (for the Studio of course).  Come visit them and me and I will sell you one if you can wrestle them out of my hot little hands...

Catherine David Designs is a New Zealand designer that has provided us with some most excellent prods in the past (and still does) but these exceed all my widlest dreams.  

You can find and buy all her goodness here.


  1. So cool, love these Alex. I pick the pink & yellow one x

  2. And look, the first one even comes with a bonus person!! Now that's handy!!

    (seriously, though, they are gorgeous...not a granny look in sight...just super-duper fun.)

  3. Fun! Would soooo suit your house. Why stop at 3 though? Why not go for a round number like 10?