Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spotting: Endemic World Prints

Blown away - just blown away by the feedback for the Rachel Castle giveaway - good luck everyone and many thanks for the amazing suggestions you are all making!
  Kind of lost for words and super excited about what is ahead for me and the blog.  

Today's post is about something that has come up quite regularly - local resonablity priced art.  Well first stop is the lovely peeps, Elliot and Kate, over at Endemic World.  

Garden Party Print by Inaluxe - available here
Ampersand Print by Mash available here 
Pink Clouds by Oslo available here
Cosmopolitan Print by Terry Chisholm for Design Assembly available here

AND they do a great little ditty on their blog called Print Pairs.  Mixing art and spaces is just the ticket to start that interior inspiration.  Clap clap clap.

Find them over here and here


  1. So clever, I love these art pairs. I'm a big fan of Inaluxe, and Mash. Looking forward to seeing all the great things on your future website :) x

  2. I have 'garden party' at the framers right now. Cant wait to get it back!