Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cheese-free design

This room is good.  I mean really good.

From my Pinterest

There's nothing contrived or silly or annoying about this room (maybe that lightshade and the wrought-iron curtain rail but I'm nit-picking), just great colour, aesthetics and balance.

Too often I see in countless magazines "the formula" and in this I see the complete opposite... A room that is designed with the heart and not the "Joneses" in mind.

Oh and that chair.

Bravo and yay for a cheese-free room.

*** Blog update***
This room is by Karly Hand - one half of the blog Design Crisis.  Please go and see more of this room and other delights...


  1. Dude! That's my friend Karly's nursery!

    Here's more about it:

  2. Oh dear lord - the other images are even better. I bow before thee Karly. Please tell her she has a fan down-under! Thanks Raina. Will credit forthwith.