Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Experimental-as-anything: New lick of Paint

I often read Design Mags talking about changing a "look" with paint or changing room's feel the cheap way - with paint.

I hardly know anyone that does so...

...I thought I would try the theory out before I made such bold claims.

Step One:  Take one white room with furniture and stuff that is all a mixy-matchy

Step Two:  Choose a paint that will tie in all the elements such as the rug, sofa, light-shade and ornaments (and one that sings to you).  

In this experiment I have chosen Dulux "Opua" from the colours of New Zealand range.

Step Three:  Set aside impossible time-frame (in this case one afternoon while Jeff the Husband was away).

Step Four:  Borrow all tools from neighbours and friends (even borrowed the actual neighbour in this case who was extremely handy in the "cutting-in")

Step Five:  Stand back and have a beer because hypothesis proven correctomundo.

Conclusion:  Yes a new lick of paint can change the look and feel of a room.  Yes it was cheap and made a massive difference to the vibe of the room (ie we actually hang out in it now).  

Disclaimer:  I don't give a rat if it's not the colour you would have chosen - the point being that I love it and I have to live in it.  Go choose one that makes YOUR bits tingle.

That's all.  Happy painting.


  1. That's totally the color I would have chosen.

    And, damn, that looks AMAZING.

  2. I knew it! And thanks again Raina... how good will Instant Rainbow look in this room!

  3. Looks fabulous Alex! x

  4. Thanks Charlotte - the Arte fabric IS amazing!

  5. LOVE. IT. and i love your disclaimer. and i love that you love color! :D

  6. Thanks Nancy and welcome all the way from Canada! Back at you re: blogs. Love your paintings!