Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Visting: Flock, Sumner, Christchurch, NZ

Well not really visiting as it's where I live...

...and I've wanted to feature a local shop called FLOCK for sometime.

Handmade earrings 

Jody Lloyd CD and handmade bookmarks

Jewels in glass and silver

Recycled fabric clutches and beautifully sketched Bunny book by Katrina Roxburgh

Plates in candy colours

Styley range of knitwear

Standard Issue stockist 

Emma Redfern Book Sculpture

Sock Monkey

"Up in the Air somewhere" Ceramics

Wooden arm decorations

Crystal Chain Gang Birds 

Amanda Shanley bowl

Morgan Haines Pottery

Amanda Shanley Cups

Hector Pottery

Third draw down tea towel

Amanda Shanley Cups

The store is oozing great design and a showcase for local and overseas createy type mavans.

They blog too with new products and current stock.  Pop in and see Emma if you are in these parts as it's a gem.  Lovely.

You had better come see me too (always keen for a coff)


  1. Oh no, I've fallen in love with the earrings, the sock monkey, the 'up in the air' ceramics, the wooden arm decorations and the Amanda Shandley cups. What a gorgeous store. xx

  2. Gorgeous but dangerous (being my local). Thanks for loving them too!

  3. fudge it! You arent in the UK :( Im making things up! I got confused by the peddlars site. This is a wonderful post. I love all the pastel crockery! I need more of that in my life

  4. Beautiful goods! Where is this located, Alex?

  5. Thanks Raina - they are in the wee shopping area at Sumner - the old framing shop. Good ol' Sumner Village is picking up now that town shopping has been all but halted with the earthquake. We are now really keeping it very local! Our closest mall is Riccarton way over near the airport.