Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Office

No - this is NOT post-earthquake!  It's peri-autumn-cleaning at my home office which is now the head office for Alex Fulton Design (post-earthquake).

Magazine coming to photograph house in next wee while so it's all a go-go.

Post shoot to follow.

PS:  Check out that day would ya - it's May and I'm in a bikini (not really) and it's 20 degrees.

"Swwwwinter (Little bit summer, whole lot winter)"  George Hudson aged 6.


  1. holy smoke! are you beginning to think you have bitten off more than you can chew! ;)

  2. OH YAY! When the issue comes out, please scan the photos for those of us with belated access to Antipodean shelter mags.

  3. So excited to see the after-cleaning photos! The pink color scheme works pretty well with the space as it makes the room have a more refreshing atmosphere. And the sunlight coming in from the windows gives so much life in every corner of the room.