Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you love it so much then marry it: Swedish Glass Vases

Yay - it's another IYLISMTMI blog!  

What makes this blog even MORE mysterious than usual is the fact that I found this product on the Skona hem website...  That's all in Swedish.

 It means that I can only look at the pretty pictures as my Swedish is very rusty (read: non-existent, actually that's not true but knowing the Swedish for "Owl" has not paid huge dividends to date)

Enough of me - direct your eyeballs at these pulchritudinous pots.  Or as they say in Sweden - Vackra tinor.  Oh yeah.

After some more time spent with an online translator (I'm doing this for you my readers!!) I found out that these are designed by Tapio Wirkkala. 

I pictured Wirkkala being some bohemian nordic leggy blonde with side plaits and did not expect this...

...The Finnish Popeye. 

Nice glassware anywho.

(Uggla is Swedish for Owl in case you were wondering)

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