Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Prod: The Stendig Calender

I walked into a friends house and the first thing she said to me was "I'm sorry, I don't have much colour in my house, it's mainly just black and white sorry".  My reply was simple.  "Black and white are colours too you know!"

I have been really loving the B & W of late (paired with some brighties o' course) and this timeless combo just rings my bells.

Image from Zoma Design
Image from here

The Stendig calender is a gift from the monochrome gods (or in my case from Paperroom, who now stock them here in NZ).

This calender was designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and was that year put in the design collection at the Museam of Modern Art in New York - the only calender to have that honor.

It's a big mother.  3 ft by 4 ft or 122cm W x 92cm H.

As I said, the girls from Paperroom have got a shipment in and they are $125 each.

The months are randomly either black with white graphic or the reverse.  Once that month 
has gone use it as wrapping paper or some other crafty project.

Image from Nionio Design

Iconic and graphic coolieo...


  1. oh! putting one on my Christmas wish list

  2. As much as I love colour, I also adore black & white. The Stendig calendar is a classic, and I love the ides of using the old pages as wrapping paper. x

    1. Yeah yeah. You asked about the black and white shade I had in my christmas shoot - that was a special buy from Paris. I'm so tempted to make my own here in NZ but that's a major DIY!