Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looking at: Spring/Summer 2012 from Fabrice Le Nezet

Glory days my friends.  
Art and the 80's have collided in an photo print from London based Artist and Designer Fabrice Le Nezet.

Le Nezet has taken mini wooden blocks, and stretched, pulled and posed them into classic Olivia Newtron-Bomb type shapes, complete with lycra and fluffy legwarmers!

A little sexy and a little silly, they are fastinating, funny and glam.  The perfect combination.  I can't stop staring!

Spotted over at Design Folio.


  1. I think they're so nice! beautiful art work. have you seen the mid century lamps, every designer are talking about? have a look on their website www.delightfull.eu, they have the most beautiful and unique lamps of the world