Thursday, November 22, 2012

In Print: Alex Fulton's Christmas

I teased you with a photo of a Christmas styling shoot that was coming up and now I can reveal all.

Your Home and Garden Magazine asked me to style a corner of a room 'christmas styles' which I was more that happy to do, but typical me, I agreed to do it with a deadline of 4 days, with jet-lag after returning from a 3 month trip from Europe (I know I know - I wouldn't feel sorry for me either!)

I did have to tame some of my ideas because of the constraint of time so this really is the designwithwhatchagot version.

I also thought I would give you more detail on the finer points so that you might like to steal some of my ideas and time saver tips.  Bonus extras include behind the scenes (BHTS)!

* The Stockings
Cheap as chippies from The Warehouse - They had naff felt cut-outs of a map NZ that had been glued on so I turned them over and used black electrical tape to make the stripes.
BHTS: I usually use Santa sacks that I got from Country Road a few years ago but unfortunately they had gone AWOL along with my bright red Christmas tree that was supposed to be the main event (see below for the alternative idea)

*The Christmas Tree
As mentioned I had a mad panic as I couldn't find my tree!  We had just moved to Blenheim and still hadn't unpacked all our boxes.  I was a women possession rifling through all the unopened boxes.  Turned out I had left it in the attic back in Christchurch.  I only found that out last week when it suddenly came to me at a very inappropriate moment (another story)
For this shoot I used my beautiful Swedese Coat Rack that I brought about 6 years ago from Simon James Design.  I wrapped it with red fairy lights and bingo - contemporary tree.  Trust me - it looks much better when it's dark!

* The Presents
Fake of course!  No really they are!  And you know what...I'm leaving them there, they look so good.  It also makes me feel like I've done all my Christmas shopping!
I had grand plans of painting out this room with two colours (white and black), including a bright colour for the skirting and fireplace.  Time, again, not on my side so I had to make the most of the 'beige' walls.  The wall coloured reminded me of newsprint so I tootled off to the local newspaper where they sell a huge roll for $4!  So handy for present wrapping - just add your touch with bows, stamps and even get the kids to design there own wrapping paper!  Again the electrical tape came out as a cheap, but visually effective, way to wrap pressies.

*The Logs
My husband really knows now not to ask too many questions.  I texted him asking to buy those log-shaped-logs from the petrol station.  Then asked him to paint them white.  All the while he just smiled and nodded.  That's my guy.
BTHS: I had thought about painting logs for some time after seeing an image way back so I thought this was the perfect chance to do it.  My only advice is to not attempt to paint the black graphics after a couple of wines.  Needless to say those ones did not make the final shot.

Find the article inside this issue

Is there something you want to know about from this?  A product that you spotted that you want to know more about or where to get it from?
Just ask and I will tell all.

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  1. You are a colour/pattern maestro Fulton! Awesome job :)

  2. I loved seeing your Christmas styling in the latest YH&G, with your usual amazing flair. I'm doubly impressed now I know what a tight deadline you had to pull it all together. The coat rack tree was a stroke of genius, it looks great. Did you buy the striped paper lantern, or have you drawn the stripes on? x

  3. LOVED seeing this in YH&G today - and then... to get the BHTS hotgozzip on the blog tonight. PS: You look so good, 4 day deadlines agree with you!

  4. I'm in awe of your energy. That's the most festive-looking home done on such short notice.