Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaway: Jane Denton Artwork

Sorry...what?  Did you just say a Jane Denton Artwork??  

Yes, yes I did.  

Jane has kindly offer you, my wonderful readers, a chance to win this very one! 
Worth $255!!


It's a beauty alright and it's called "Diamonds"

This piece will be unframed.
RRP unframed is $255, RRP framed is $395.  Size very roughly is 48cm x 35cm.

Jane specialises in Textile art and Design and "Diamonds" on one the designs in her range.  These artworks are made with wool in various colours.  
Her shapes and patterns make them very contemporary but also timeless.  

Close-up of "Crosses" (featured in Meg McMillans home from Teapea)

Jane's quote from Vic Bibby's Blog Cush and Nooks

They would suit most interiors and you cannot know how happy I was when she agreed to give one away on this very blog.

She also gave up some time to answer some question so that we could get to know her a little better...

This is Jane.  

Q1: Hello Jane Denton, can you please tell me what you do?
I’m an artist/designer and a mum to two wee kids – Sophie & George.   I create my unique art by stitching beautiful wool onto canvas in different shapes and patterns.  In the past they’ve been quite bold pieces but recently I’ve been moving into a softer colour palette.  

Q2: Colour and form play a very starring role in your creations - tell me why?
I love colour - by keeping designs simple, it gives my pieces impact and allows the colours to shine.  I normally start with design and form, and then think about the colour palette.

Q3: Who or what do you get inspiration from?
I read a few daily blogs which I find really inspiring – Design Files, Design Sponge & Cush and Nooks.  Pinterest is also a really useful tool - I’m always interested in colour combinations and patterns.

Q4: Describe the ultimate space to create in?
I love working anywhere that has lots of natural light - I usually start in the kitchen and follow the sun round the house with my dog Maggie following behind.

Q5: What are your favourite design, eating and drinking haunts in Wellington?
I’ve always loved Small Acorns and my other new favourite is online store Let Liv – both sell beautiful home wares.  I enjoy a wine at Ancestral or Dragonfly garden bars with my husband and friends when we get the chance.   And Capitol and Floriditas are old favourites for eating out.

Q6: Have you got any new projects in the pipeline?
Yes!  I’m really looking forward to working with an Auckland-based design store to create a series of textiles, and I have an exciting collaboration with a local designer in the pipeline.  I also have lots of ideas for some new pieces over the summer using softer and more subtle colours.

Q7: If you weren't doing what you do now - what would you be doing?
I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing - I thought about this question for a whole day!!   I’ve always been passionate about colour, textiles and all things interior.  I love my creative work, and I’m so happy that I can work from home and be around for my kids.
Thanks so much Jane - love your work and very excited to see some JD collabs in the pipeline.

Back to the giveaway...
To enter please leave a comment below and tell me your favourite Jane-piece from her website and as always if you like mine and Jane's facebook pages they will earn you an extra two entries!
We will draw this on Friday the 23rd November.  Heaps of time to wrap it up and pop it under the tree.  To: Me, From: Me xx
"Squares" Framed

Jane's new work "Delicate Dusk"

"Delicate Dusk" in situ

Good luck my design buns.


  1. ooooh how delicious! After changing my mind umpteen times i think i would have to say Delicate Dusk is my fav, with Diamonds running a very close second!

  2. Wow I totally love X's upon X's as a modern take on cross-stich - but the diamonds would sooo suit my loung gallery wall as I have all those colours featured in cushions and prints x would be a LOVELY present this Christmas

  3. I like them all! The sense of space and the colour palette make for a pleasurable experience. Thanks.
    Today squares would be my favourite.

  4. Congratulations! They are all amazing but after scrolling up and down the page and changing my mind continuously, I have decided that my favourite one is Stacks of Colour! Thank you for putting on a great competition!

  5. Oh my goodness, how special I feel to be in such good company as The Design Files and Design Sponge (blush). Jane is so lovely - we've only met in the cyber world, but she has been a great support of Cush & Nooks.

    I adore her work, it was hard to narrow it down to just one, but my pick would be Sweet Diamonds. I already follow you both on FB, and will share this post too.

    Thanks Alex & Jane. x

  6. Oooooooo I cant decide between Sweet Diamonds and Stacks of Colour ! They are all gorgeous and I have had my eye on a piece of her gorgeous work for a long time now ! I am also a Fb liker of both you and Jane. Finger crossed !

  7. wow - that was tough. I was going to say X's (because my sons are both loving making pirate treasure maps at the moment) but then I saw waves ....

    Love it!

  8. Oh my gosh so hard to pick as they are all beautiful but my fave would have to be Sweet Dimaonds followed closely by Xs upon Xs.

  9. Love them all! So hard to choose, but I think my favourite would have to be waves. I am a Facebook liker of both you and Jane

  10. Hi,I love your work Jane, gorgeous and so 'Happy' a great way to put a modern take on such a timeless skill, Brilliant! Thanks Alex and Jane for running such a groovey competition! xx

  11. I am loving 'Stacks of Colour' !! Just gorgeous and could brighten up a number of rooms in my house! Have liked you both! Thanks, great comp!

  12. My favorite is Stacks of Colour. I liked the Facebook pages of both of you.


  13. No - sorry - can't possibly pick one favourite. First equal would have to go to X upon X, and Crosses, with close runner-up Delicate Dusk. They sound like great race horse names. What a great talent - love your work Jane. How do you scout these people out, Alex?? Have a great day, RC x

  14. I love 'crosses'. Awesome work. I saw her work at the NZ Art Show and fell in love with the colour!

  15. I love them all - if I had to choose it would maybe be "stack of colour"
    Have liked you both of Facebook

  16. How can you choose when you love them all? Before I change my mind again I'll say "Stacks of Colour". I've liked you on facebook for ages and I've just liked Jane too!

    1. Just realised I didn't give you my email address:

  17. Hard to pick just one! Beautiful colour palette in 'crosses', that would be my favourite for its contemporary simplicity ♥

  18. Oh I would rather like to have a lovey Jane Denton artwork under the chrissy tree for me! My fav has to be the "crosses" artwork. I have liked both your pages on FB too.

  19. Loving 'Sweet Diamonds'. Double liked too! :)

  20. Love love love X's upon X's and "Sweet diamonds." Stunning artworks - I have coveted one for a long time!

  21. Sweet Diamonds is beautiful :)

  22. Oh, and "Stacks of color!" I can't pick just one!

  23. I love them so hard to choose all but stacks of colour is fab! Whst a talented lady- love it. Nice to have you back Alex love your posts!

  24. I have loved for sooo long the gorgeous crosses....simple and beautiful

  25. wow.. Love her work. I like "Sweet Diamonds" the best! (already a liked both pages) thanks :)

  26. Hi, love your work, think my fav is 'delicate dusk' :)

  27. I love them all, but especially Delicate Dusk!
    Libby McKinnon

  28. Hi, I love them all also, but I think the crosses are my favourite!! Such beautiful work Jane!Emma Pescini