Monday, February 7, 2011

Bed Rest for AFD

Eventful couple of days my friends that ends with me having to be on bed-rest for 3 weeks and crutches for 6 weeks.

Image from Swissmiss

It all started when I ruptured my hamstring while pulling off some very impressive dance floor maneuvers at a family wedding.  A little like this but with a fancy outfit and a cheering crowd:

The first 3 split combos I managed to pull off nicely but greed took over and I needed just one more audience gratification so in my lubricated state my mind quickly choreographed a splits set to end all splits sets...

Key word there...end

Pop goes the hamstring

No more flexi lexi (for now).  This will be me when I can split again. 

except I will be better dressed and NOT in "Mint".I will look like Iris Apfel

Surgery last Friday
Bed rest

See you soon (probably sooner that you want)

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