Friday, February 11, 2011

Ellerslie Flower Show featuring: ME

Ellerslie International Flower show starts on the 9th to the 13th March here in Christchurch.

We start setting up our design for the 10m x 10m exhibition garden next week.

Not ideal when you are on bed-rest and crutches.

Luckily I'm teaming up with local Landscape Designer (and previous Ellerslie award winner) Scotty Fletcher. 
Without him, Bryce, and the rest of the Beavers from Beaver Landscaping I would be fudged.  I'm designing from afar and should be able to get onsite on the last week of setup.

Just to tempt you, I have put together a wee snappie of the garden.

The theme of the garden takes the well-used phrase "indoor-outdoor" flow to a new level.

There are Chesterfields outside and a living-wall inside.  A carpet that looks like grass, and a coffee table that looks like a hot-tub - trippy.

Please come visit us on-site and say hi.

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