Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guest Bloggers! Isla and Violets Earthquake Stories

In the kombi van - temporary home!

Violet's Story – About the Earthquake.

When I was at school I feeled the earthquake and our teacher came inside with room 3 because the earthquake was still shaking.

I was eating my sausage and the sausage fell out of the bread.

And we had to go on the field to be safe.  We had to walk over to another school field and Mummy came to get us in a stranger’s car.

I felt brave and my teacher said I was a brave girl.

We heard all the Mums and Dads come and get all the kids.

Isla’s Story – The Big Earthquake

On Tuesday there was a big earthquake at lunchtime.

It was so big it knocked me over on to the concrete.  I felt sad because it hurt me.

Then all the school had to go onto the field.  Then I found my friends and my sister and I checked that she was ok.

I was crying because I was worried about my Mum and Dad and my dog Eddie.

Then we started to walk over to Van Ash School for safety.

While I was walking there I saw my Mum and she came to pick me up and that made me feel really happy.  Then we went to find my sister – she was already at the park. 

Then we went home and the house was a mess and there was no power or water so we stayed at our friend’s house for a night.

That night there was a lot of aftershocks in the dark and that was pretty scary too.

The next day we left Christchurch to stay at my Aunties house in Blenheim.  I feel pretty safe here.  My Dad has gone back to help Christchurch.  He's brave.

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  1. These stories and others are all here on this wesite
    What a great way for the kids to express themselves!