Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can Hop-a-long be stylie?

Being that I'm of limited mobility, it does get one a-thinking... especially when the longest "journey" I do is  bed to bathroom.

Could I be disabled and designerey?  

Not what I had in mind

My musing lead me to find a pretty innovative company that has designed a range called "Aids For Daily Living".  

Omhu does a modern take on tradition - none more so that the Omhu cane.  This wee gem is inspired by the efficiency of Scandinavian furniture and the glossy aesthetic of high-end bicycles, skateboards and hockey sticks.

  Once I'm outta bed I could rock one of these!  
You want to know what makes this even cooler?  You can buy it's accessory - an accompanying illuminated cane dock. Coool.

If that's not enough - on the website they even add a cane twirling tutorial.  Do I hear a new party trick a-calling?  Could and probably would end in disaster.

Yup Omhu is Danish and the name means "with great care".  There motto is "Life is imperfect and beautiful".  

It was founded by some big hitters - Susy Korb (formerly of Tiffany's, Chrstie's and Harry Winston), Rie Norregaard (Microsoft, Nike, Samsung) and Susan Towers (Kiehl's 1851, Time Inc., Assouline), and are all working towards progressive design for an aging population. 

 I hope that demographic also includes hyper-showoffs-that-do-the-splits-at-weddings types.

Other goodies on their site include a $6000 (USD) robot that evokes memories of babies and pets and is used in rest homes in Japan (not surprising) to help dementia patients.  If you do buy one, they point out that gift wrapping is not available (odd).

Other mention ables are the "Stop talking" cards, the extra long shoe horn and the kitten hot water bottle (not made of real kittens).  All things I could use these days.

May design continue in daily needed things I say.

Tell me if you know of anymore?

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