Monday, February 21, 2011

Obsessed with Obsessilicious

I had a heart-skip moment when I saw this print.

Instant love by Yumalum

Then my head fell off when I saw this:

Instant Rainbow by Yumalum
They tick all my boxes:


I get so jealous that I didn't have that hiding in my head (that's now back on)

Goodnews:  The Prince of Print that created these master pieces does a whole lot of others too (all on Esty under the Yumalum name).  Mostly based around a self proclaimed "obsession" with all things mid-century.

The logo

The even better news is that you can share in that obsession with his fully-hip blog and 
tres-amusing tweets.

He also tells me that all said prints can be fully color customised AND can be sent to 
New Zealand.

Go people go.

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