Thursday, February 10, 2011

God save the Queen

The end of January heralds the yearly Fulton cup (which we host a tennis tourney during the day) and a huge shindig in the evening.  Each year it's different theme and this year it was "Britannia".

There was no better place to pilfer props than from our very own local (well Lyttelton) "God save the Queen" shop.

Small but well-formed, this shop of loveliness shares with another equally yummy shop called Milou (Tintins dogs name).  They stock loads of local craft goodies  - I was even lucky to meet one of the designers the day I was in there...Notchka from The Wardrobe

Loving the stripy wall

Please note the duck-heads on the wall - made my a local bird who works in costuming

Back to the party and... "God save the Queen".  
Being half-English I'm particularly draw to anything britishy.  

Then you can imagine my utter joy to have practically free range to borrow anything in the shop.  

The owner is the super lovely Rebecca who is a Sumner local that decided to move to Lyttelton and open a shop to show her wears.  At the time she felt there was not enough "Britiannia" stock available to buy (in NZ) so she started doing her own.  Great call when you know that Sumner's nickname is "Pom-ner" (so many English peps living here).  I call it paradise but that's another blog.

She went on to make plates with QEII heads, matching framed images and tea towels. 

Rebecca's prints and plates (in a frame)

Of course that was before the dreaded "Keep calm and carry on" so, go! her and her pioneering ideas.

Other treasures included old magazine and books on the Royals, old flags, photos, prints etc etc.  You can spend hours there!  Tally-ho the fox.

Her supply of mini wavey-type flags, standard flags, bunting and tea-towels were wiped-out by our party attendees so I hopped that was payment enough for borrowing half her shop!

Out house looked amazing
I brought two flags and my super-creative bud Charlie Hudson fashioned them in a dress = The Queen
Huge night at the Fultons

Me and my real life english mate Lucy Hone I'm wearing my new discobeads

Me and my lover

Queen Me!

Next year I'm will have to wait and see!

**All photos taken by moi!**

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  1. You look fantastic! Rock on the theme party, I'll be angling for an invite next year ;o)