Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Prods: Rekindle

Good prod, good ethos and a good person behind the prod.  

All born from the simple thought that wood should not be wasted, Juliet Arnott Rekindle Founder, Development Director  & Occupational Therapist, advocates that wood shall be transformed into beautiful furniture.

And so it is.

Rekindle is a social enterprise (look it up) that uses waste wood to create amazing furniture.  It's aim is to not only transform wood but to change communities by "actively promoting craftsmanship, skill sharing and appreciation of the reuse of timber"

Such a good story, with such a positive ending (that we hope will never end).

Love this stuff.

Images by Laura Forest 


  1. Hi Alex - glad to see you are BACK!!! Your posts always provoke interest, and today's is no exception. Just been on the website for Rekindle and they look fantastic. Nowhere to buy the chairs, though. Any info on this??? Have a great day, Rache C

    1. Thanks Rache - I'm getting onto that, what a super question! Great to be back you bet!!